15 May 2004

Released Open source first version of "ControlWalkman" and "TrackInfo".
The code is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License
This piece of code enables you to connect your program to your NetMD Walkman.
If you make changes to the library you need to share it.

Download the C/C++ source here - ControlWalkman001.zip (535 kb)
Download the executable only (233 kb) to see if it works with your walkman
The project contains sample code that shows how to use this first version.

Example code to send the 'play' command:

#include "ControlWalkman.h"
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    printf("Hello NetMD Walkman!\n");

    // create ControlWalkman
    ControlWalkman* controlWalkman;

    // Initialize the walkman
    controlWalkman = new ControlWalkman();
    int test = controlWalkman->InitializeWalkman();

    // Show initialization status
    printf("Initialization status = %d\n", test);

    if (test == 1) {
        // Walkman initialized ok
        printf("Walkman initialized OK!\n");
    } else {
        printf("Walkman NOT initialized.\n");
        // Bail out ;)
        return 0;
    // Play

    // Stop
    return 0;