SimpleRecorder - Record your minidiscs to your pc.
I'm currently writing an application that allows you to do this WITHOUT loosing sound frames between songs, the controlling is via the NetMD usb cable connection, the 'upload' is via the analogue or digital (available on some NetMD decks) cable.
In June 2002 I proposed such an application, which was called 'poor mans md upload', but since then no one created the one I want, so I'm creating it myself. Read my suggestions from 2002 which were published on

15 May 2004

On this site you will find libraries to connect your program to your NetMD walkman, and you will find my own program SimpleRecorder that will record all you songs from your walkman to your pc without loosing frames between songs.

Open source (LGPL) libraries


Martijn MorriŽn