NetMD Simple Recorder

I think NetMD is very nice, only one thing is not supported and that is audio uploading from your NetMD walkman to your recording. Even if you are the rightfull owner of the recording there is no possibility to transfer your music to your pc.
Hopefully Sony comes with the solution presented by the NetMD Audio upload petition. But what if Sony doesn't come with such a thing, or even worse: what if the NetMD hardware is not capable of sending audio digitally to the pc trough the usb cable?
The only solution right now is to record your recording through your soundcard to your pc. But for most people this is a lot of work and there are also people who don't understand how to do it.

I thought as long as there is no Audio upload we have to come with a solution ourselves. Last week I started using the Open NMD project sources and I was able to connect to my MZ-N505 under Linux, trough my USB 2.0 interface card. The project already achieved some basic principles: get all the tracks, track names and track lengths. I think it is also possible to start, pause and stop playing the md in the NetMD device, If this is not already achieved, it should be fairly easy to accomplish.
Given these facts and the fact that a NetMD device can be hooked up to your soundcard really nice things are possible! I was thinking of NetMD Simple Recorder.


Open Source Software                                Hardware

- Number of tracks                                  - line out (or headphone out/digital out)

- Track titles

- Track lengths (in milliseconds/frames?!)

- Play, Pause, Stop playing

With these facts I could create an application that can:

- Automatically record your entire MD at single speed

  No need to use different programs, just put in disc, select songs 

  to record, results in titled wave files/ mp3's / ogg vorbis... 

- Record at high quality (SP!)

- Create wav / mp3 files that are titled

- Create a cue sheet -> record md with CDRWin of FireBurner directly to cd! 

- Multi platform tool

- Nice interface

I was already thinking about some stuff/problems:

- Which command line recording tool to use?

- Record a MD as 1 file (wav.. ?) so you won't loose any frames 

- How to compensate milliseconds between start playing the md and actual start of recording?

After Simple Recorder is finished extra modules could be added like:

- Storing all md information into an (xml?) database

  If you are looking what is on minidisc 48 of 128 you could easily find it, 

  maybe even with some music samples..

- Store 10 second sample music with eacht track

Any comments, suggestions or something else.. you can contact me at r.m.morrienATzonnetNL

Martijn Morrien, 5 June, 2002