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Purpose / Scope of this Guide

This document was started on May 30, 2001 by R.M. Morriën as part of a school project. The project members are: R.M. Morriën (, H.P.A.M. Snoek ( and M.A.C. Bakker ( The main goal of the project is to get familiar with the Java Servlets technology.

The newest version of this document can be found at The original text, HTML version, and other formats can be found there.

This document is designed to help you get familiar with Java Servlets and to help you set up your own Java Sevlets supporting webserver.

Note: This document assumes you'll be using Linux and you have root rights!

Copyright © 2001, R.M. Morriën, H.P.A.M. Snoek, M.A.C. Bakker