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Een overzicht van software die ik ben tegengekomen en die ik interessant genoeg vond om te vermelden, in alfabetische volgorde:

CalliGrapher, a handwriting recognition software
"CalliGrapherŪ 6.01 adds natural handwriting recognition capability to your Microsoft Windows-powered Pocket PC, Palm-size PC or Handheld PC Professional for all handwriting styles - cursive, PRINT or MIXed."

Paragon Software, Smart Handheld Devices Division
"Along with core technologies like localization and handwriting recognition, handheld software utilities has always been one of our secondary tasks. In year 2000 a Symbian utilities focused team of division's developers was transformed into Epocware - an independent business unit of Paragon Software Smart Handheld Devices division. Nearest plans of Paragon Software include allocation of considerable development and marketing resources for creation and laucnh of new utilites product lines for several handheld platforms."
One of the most recent versions of PenReader recognition kernel is available on-line running along with a Java applet under Linux (SuSE) on this web site.

R.M.Morrien 2002-02-11