Elektron 606 Mini

The Elektron 606 Mini is a HD Video Player and is known as a “Networked Media Tank”. The hardware in the device is coming from a company called Syabas. They produce their own NMT called the Popcorn Hour. The Elektron 606 is based on the same platform as the Popcorn Hour A110.

The Elektron 606 is manufactured by Elektron China: http://www.elektron-china.com/en/viewproduct.asp?id=180


The specifications


  • Sigma Design SMP8635 c


  • 256Mbyte DDR RAM
  • 32Mbyte Flash ROM

Support for video codecs:

  • H.264
  • VC1
  • MKV
  • MPEG-1
  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4
  • DivX
  • XVID
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • ISO

And audio:

  • Flac
  • MPEGAudo layer 1&2
  • mp3
  • OGG
  • AC3
  • AAC
  • WMA
  • DD5.1
  • DTS original data output

The IO ports are

  • 2x: USB 2.0 ports (supporting external CD ROM/DVD ROM/Portable HDD/USB storage/WIFI card
  • 1x: USB 2.0 device port to connect PC storage for exchanging data optional built-in HDD.
  • 1x: 10/100Mbps auto ethernet port: networked harddisk or connect to a share to decode video and audio

Video ports:

  • HDMI1.3 (digital video and audio signals)
  • YPbPr
  • Composite Video output
  • VGA (D-SUB)
  • Coaxial 5.1 digital audio output port (NO Optical SPDIF)
  • Stereo double audio output (Audio R/L)

Optional harddisk:

  • SATA 3.5”HDD

It comes wit a remote Control

The supported languages are

  • English
  • Chinese

The Power Supply

  • AC 100V-220V/50Hz-60Hz, 30W

The dimensions:

  • 26.8cm x 15.5cm x 3.8cm

Executing a firmware upgrade

The following steps are based on the available firmwares on 26 oktober 2008.

  • Download 2 files from the elektron-china.com downloads section:
    • The latest NMT software (to install applications like a bittorrent client)
      • 00-17-080808-15-ele403NMT(606)[2008-8-25]
    • The latest firmware
      • 20081008-(606)softwail[2008-10-13]
  • Extract these files onto a clean USB-stick
  • Rename 00-17-080808-15-ELE-403.nmt to syb8634.nmt
  • Your USB stick must contain:
    1. usbupdate.htm
    2. 50-17-080818-15-ELE-404-000.bin
    3. syb8634.nmt (was: 00-17-080808-15-ELE-403.nmt)
  • Restart the Elektron 606
    • I used the power button to be sure I have a clean start
    • I also removed the network cable and any other USB device attached
  • Once started plug in the USB-stick you prepared
  • Open the USB-stick and select file mode
  • Navigate to usbupdate.htm and press Enter
    1. A simple web page is shown
    2. Press Enter if you want to upgrade
    3. If you continue you will see a nice progress screen
    4. The device will upgrade and reboot
  • Finished

Harddisk Installation

I bought a Western Digital external 1TB harddisk for 95 Euro's, it as cheap as the equivalent internal harddisk (Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EACS), which was on sale for the same price, but I had to order it. I could pick up the external version directly.

Inside the external version there was a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EAVS. I could not find an important difference between WD10EACS and the WD10EAVS.

Below you will find some pictures of my installation.

Important to know

  • Do NOT apply any force, retry when needed. Take your time!
  • I decided to open up the device to nicely fit the disk inside.
  • The SATA cable is quite firm, when you open the device you can position it much better. The power cables are a bit too long, you can also nicely put this along the side of the disk if you open it.
  • If you open the device completely like I did, ensure you but the screws back gently. It is not that difficult. I read someone applied too much force and he ended up with not being able to nicely close the unit.
  • The harddisk bay has a 'glider' mechanism on the bottom, I missed it and put the harddisk bay on top of it, which is 2 millimeter to high, this is not going the work…
  • In the picture of the open unit you can see some audio and video cables in the left top corner, they touch the harddisk. (The blue wires next to the COAX output). I gently moved them so the harddisk bay could be closed completely. If you don't have the top open you will not notice this and you could harm the cables.


Configuring the Harddisk

I decided to install the NMT software onto the clean harddisk. This requires the linux Ext 3 filesystem to be installed onto the disk. Ext 2 will probably also work, but Ext 3 is the improved version so I decided to use it.

Below you can see the steps it took for me.

The installation starts when you go to: Maintainance → NMT Setup Wizard

Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation
Van Elektron 606 - Harddisk Installation

Tips and tricks


Ext 3 access under Windows XP

I used http://www.fs-driver.org/index.html I did not use the auto function but under Start, Settings, Control panel, IFS Drives I disabled the 2 small partitions and assigned the biggest to a drive letter of my choice.

Known issues

DVD playback fails when using D-SUB

For me the following problem occurs:

I could not get DVD iso's or Video_TS folders to playback. I tried re-creating the iso file, but it did not help. In the end I figured out it was caused by the VGA D-SUB output. I had it in 1280 x 768 connected to my pc monitor. Each time I pressed ENTER on an iso file I got a black screen and the device returned to the menu.

Once I attached the device to my TV via a composite cable a a HDMI cable the problem was gone. DVD's also play fine.

All the other formats do play correctly via the D-SUB cable.

I have a Philips LCD monitor: Philips 190C


Samba share

The Elektron runs Samba by default. If you want to connect to it you require the username / password. The defaults are: NMT / 1234. This password can be changed in the device setup

Use NzbGet

See this tutorial:[http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showthread.php?tid=7033]

In short:

  • configure the nzbget.conf file in [\\\share\.nzbget\nzbget.conf] to list your news server.
  • open the UI in a browser: []


  • Power button - standby on / off.
  • Power button followed by EJECT to reboot.
  • Power button followed by DELETE to halt.

TV Mode options Press the TV-Mode button immediately followed by the numbers below.

  • TV Mode + 0 = Auto TV mode
  • TV Mode + 1 = Component/Composite NTSC 480i
  • TV Mode + 2 = Component/Composite PAL 576i
  • TV Mode + 3 = reserved
  • TV Mode + 4 = HDMI/Component 720p50
  • TV Mode + 5 = HDMI/Component 1080i50
  • TV Mode + 6 = HDMI/Component 1080p50
  • TV Mode + 7 = HDMI/Component 720p60
  • TV Mode + 8 = HDMI/Component 1080i60
  • TV Mode + 9 = HDMI/Component 1080p60
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