Netvibes plugins

The website gives you a very nice homepage. You are able to select your own components like bookmarks, weather, notes, e-mail, rss-feeds etc. and show them all on one page. The nice thing is you can open your personal page anywhere where internet is available. I mainly use it at home and at work. Having the same notes, bookmarks and rss-feeds at home and at work is really useful.

Netvibes is developing rapidly at the moment. One of the things they are developing is the so called 'Mini-API'. This enables people to create their own plugin for Netvibes.

'Mini-API' modules can be used by going to and add the content 'Mini-API' to your own page. In the 'Mini-API' you can add a URL to external plugins. You can add for example the url to my Annual (Birthday) Reminder plugin.

Annual (Birthday) Reminder

I created my own Annual (Birthday) Reminder plugin. Which ensures me not to forget any birthday or other annual event.

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